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Now offering WAVE Therapy, a revolutionary new treatment for ED that’s entirely medicine-free!

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Missouri Men’s Health can help recover your sexual self-confidence so you can start enjoying the excitement of intimacy again. We let results do the talking. With our proven success in treating erectile dysfunction, we’re confident we can find the best option for you at our clinic in Cape Girardeau.

We’re the clinic that Southeast Missouri men call for help with:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Low Testosterone (Low-T)
  • The Priapus Shot

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Not your average doctor visit.

Sometimes, cases of erectile dysfunction have surprisingly simple solutions. In other cases, medical assistance is necessary. Every case can be different.

Our team of dedicated healthcare professionals at Missouri Men’s Health is here to find the best possible answer for you. If that includes partnering with your primary care physician, we’ll do it. We’re here to identify the cause and discuss every possible resolution.