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Hiking Adventures Await: Tips, Tricks and Popular Trails in Missouri

by | Sep 12, 2023 | Hobbies, Lifestyle

Are you ready to embark on an exciting outdoor adventure? Missouri offers a treasure trove of scenic hiking trails, from rugged mountain paths to tranquil forested routes. Let’s dig into some essential hiking tips and tricks to help you make the most of your hiking experience in Missouri. Plus, we’ll explore some popular hiking options that showcase the natural beauty this state has to offer. 

Hiking Tips and Tricks 

  • Plan and Prepare: Before hitting the trails, research your chosen hiking destination. Familiarize yourself with the trail difficulty, distance, elevation and any specific regulations or permits required. Check the weather forecast and pack accordingly. Plan your route, inform someone about your hiking plans, and always carry a map or use a reliable GPS device. 
  • Wear Proper Gear: Investing in proper hiking gear is essential for a comfortable and safe experience. Wear sturdy, comfortable hiking shoes with good traction. Dress in layers to accommodate changing weather conditions, and don’t forget essentials like a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and insect repellent. Carry a backpack with snacks, water, a first aid kit and a whistle for emergencies. 
  • Hydration and Nutrition: Stay hydrated by carrying an ample supply of water and remember to drink regularly throughout your hike. Pack energy-rich snacks like nuts, granola bars and dried fruits to keep your energy levels up.  
  • Leave No Trace: Preserve the natural beauty of Missouri’s hiking trails by following the principles of Leave No Trace. Respect wildlife, stay on designated trails, avoid littering and pack out any trash. Leave nature as you found it, ensuring future hikers can enjoy the same pristine environment. 

Popular Missouri Hiking Options 

  • Ozark Trail: Spanning over 500 miles, the Ozark Trail offers a variety of breathtaking landscapes, including lush forests, stunning bluffs, and sparkling rivers. Sections like the Taum Sauk Mountain Trail and the Bell Mountain Wilderness are perfect for those seeking challenging hikes and panoramic vistas. 
  • Castlewood State Park: Located near St. Louis, Castlewood State Park offers picturesque trails along the Meramec River. Explore the scenic River Scene Trail or challenge yourself with the more strenuous Lone Wolf Trail. Capture stunning views of limestone bluffs and enjoy the serene beauty of nature. 
  • Elephant Rocks State Park: Known for its unique granite formations, Elephant Rocks State Park is a family-friendly destination. The Braille Trail offers an accessible hiking experience, while the Elephant Rocks Trail showcases massive boulders you can climb on, providing a sense of adventure and wonder. 
  • Mark Twain National Forest: Encompassing vast stretches of southern Missouri, Mark Twain National Forest offers an array of hiking opportunities. Trails like the Hercules Glades Wilderness Loop or the Ozark Trail’s Blair Creek Section allow you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Ozarks. 


Missouri’s hiking trails offer unforgettable adventures for outdoor enthusiasts. By following these hiking tips and tricks, you’ll be well-prepared to explore the natural wonders of the state. From the scenic Ozark Trail to the enchanting Elephant Rocks State Park, there’s something for everyone. So, lace up your hiking boots, embrace the beauty of Missouri’s landscapes, and create memories that will last a lifetime on the trails. To learn tips and tricks about keeping your body healthy as you age, contact Missouri Men’s Health, Southeast Missouri’s go-to men’s health clinic! 


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